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Millennials 4 Homes- Los Angeles, California

At M4H we strive to educate the public on the value and lucrative nature of rental properties and not just because we'd be out of a job otherwise, but because we truly believe it is one of the best investments you can make to ensure long term cash flow and an increase in wealth.

That is why we have opened Millennials 4 Homes Brokerage in addition to our property management services. Unlike a traditional brokerage, which many in the industry feel outdated, we run our operations 100% online. Claiming that the traditional brokerage has long since stopped making sense, Forbes states that "the brokerage of 2019 must trim the overhead fat and give agents tools to meet consumers’ expectation of full-service agents at a lower cost."

Little About

At Millennials 4 Homes, we cut back on the unnecessary expenses that detract from the most important goal, helping you build a rental empire! Whether you’re buying your first home, first investment property or already leveraging up in a 1031 exchange, we are there to assist you along the way! We don’t believe in the pushy, aggressive sales method of the past, but rather in listening to your concerns and working together as a unitedteam to accomplish all your real estate endeavors.

For Sellers

  • Provide advertisement and promotional activities paid for by agents
  • Advise on getting the home ready and staged for sale
  • Analyze the current market and provide a Competitive Market Analysis to help correctly price home
  • Assist you with completing required forms and disclosures
  • Assess and help qualify prospective buyers
  • Utilize the advantages of multiple listing services
  • Provide advice on offers and counteroffers
  • Help during the escrow period.

For Buyers

  • Provide aid on helping you find a suitable lender
  • Update you on current interest rates
  • Present all current listings and further assistance with those you find outside our brokerage
  • Walk you through your loan application checklist
  • Assist withmortgage calculations and closing costs
  • Provide information on available loan programs
  • Help complete your home buyer checklist
  • Assistance with getting pre-qualified

Words From the Wise

"Contact us today for a FREE competitive market analysis of your property and see what your home is worth!"