Millennials 4 Homes

Property Management

  1. Inspect unit interior and exterior to confirm unit is ready for occupancy, meeting all required BOCA (Building Officials Conference of America) requirements
  2. Analyze the unit and provide professional insight regarding repairs or upgrades that will increase your rental income potential

  1. Coordinate with industry leading real estate photography companies to ensure high level marketing photos for rentals or listings
  2. Upload and monitor unit to the MLS and all major rental & leasing sites, including local Facebook Group and other Social Media based rental applications.
  3. Prequalify interested applicants and meet potential renters for a property tour.
  4. Direct potential tenants to our online application. Take incoming phone calls of interested parties and answer questions about the property.

  1. Vet all prospective tenants with a thorough background report, including a credit check, criminal history and eviction report as well as affirm tenant history and standing with previous landlords as provided by applicant.
  2. Verify current income with pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns as necessary.
  3. Upon approval, we conduct electronic signing of lease and set up tenant with their online portal, providing instructions on how to set up automatic rent payments and submit maintenance requests
  4. Collect agreed upon security and other deposits
  5. Personally welcome and move in tenant at the property and ensure that a move-in inspection checklist is completed within 7 days of entering the unit.
  6. Upon move out, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and calculate damages owed by tenant, return security deposit, and collect the keys. We can coordinate for a unit cleaning and subsequent rehab needs at your request.

  1. Provide tenants with the ability to call, text, or submit via online their maintenance requests
  2. Established an after hours line for emergencies.
  3. Get approval from the owner if the cost of the repair is above the agreed upon amount
  4. Approve all vendor invoices
  5. In addition to routine maintenance, we offer our clients a preventative maintenance service by use of the CA Apartment Owners Association Preventative Maintenance Checklist, which helps ensure the unit in its best working order, thereby preventing larger, more costly repairs later

  1. Set up automatic monthly payments to deduct from rental income the owner’s mortgage, tax, utilities and insurance payments.
  2. Organize and provide a receipt of each payment in the owner’s online portal.

  1. We push for our tenants to pay rent through their online tenant portal, but can process other payments if necessary.
  2. Direct deposit owner funds to their bank account of record and subsequently make available via email and through their online owner’s portal, their monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
  3. Collection of late fees and other penalties as directed by each specific owner.
  4. If requested by owner, we can automatically deduct a portion of each rental income to create a sinking fund for major CapEx’s.
Project Management